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To our Valued Customers, Family, & Friends,

     With both a heavy heart and optimism, we have made the decision to postpone reopening Dusty Trail until after winter. This is not a closure or a goodbye, but an extended “see you soon.”


     We have spent many hours working with advisors in the industry, looking at trends and recommendations from the CDC, WHO, the President, the Governor, the Atchison County Health Director, among others.  It has been challenging to analyze the conflicting advice and data and then arrive at a logical conclusion. What we know seems to be ever-changing while cases continue to climb.

However, the following is clear:

  • Restaurants across the nation are struggling to achieve 50% of sales, which means they are losing money just trying to stay in business.  (A lesson we had the (dis)pleasure of learning during last year’s flood).  

  • Full-service locations where COVID restrictions exist are running 35-60% of prior year sales. Restaurants cannot operate properly at this level.

  • COVID requirements are driving operating costs higher.

  • Locations with a higher percentage of seniors and where guests spend the most time, i.e., dinner houses, are being impacted the most.

  • Guests are choosing Quick Service Restaurant locations over full service. Drive-thru business is up significantly.

  • Employees are reluctant to return to work.

  • Typical summer events that drive traffic are being cancelled.


     None of this is very encouraging, plus we have the cold and flu season approaching. In addition, Dr. Aron Burke, the Atchison County Health Director, issued a mandate that Atchison County follow the “Missouri Mask Up” plan to slow the spread of Covid-19; a decision we understand and support.

     So, it is with a very heavy heart that we are pushing the tentative reopening of Dusty Trail to March 2021.  But it is also with optimism and hope for a wonderful new year - maybe one without a catastrophe (finger’s crossed!).


     We ask that you don’t forget about us and know that we will be missing you all and our employees during this very long winter. We’ll choose to look at the trail ahead and know that this too shall pass.

     We can get through this together!  Please stay safe and healthy.


We’ll see you again on the trail,

Karen & Elizabeth Brown and the Dusty Trail Family

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